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Your job in online marketing: Duties, salary and training

Want to work in online marketing, but don't know where to start? Perhaps you think online marketing sounds exciting, but you're not sure exactly what it entails? We can help. Not only do we supply you with details of the duties, salary and training for an online marketing manager, we also seek out suitable job offers.

Duties: The role of an online marketing manager

Social media
Website support
Email campaigns
Mobile marketing
Affiliate marketing
Content production

Not all online marketing is the same!

In many cases, a career as an online marketing manager (sometimes referred to as a digital manager) is highly individual. Want to get started as an online marketer? Then ask yourself the following questions:

Is there any particular area of online marketing that interests you - for example social media marketing or search engine optimisation (SEO)? Perhaps you would rather take a broader approach and cover all areas from paid search engine advertising (SEA) to email marketing and content production?

From this we can see that the duties of an online marketing manager can be highly diverse, or highly specialised - and this makes the role especially engaging. Regular updates via Facebook, Google, etc. spell regular new challenges for you - so you will never get bored.

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Preconditions for a career in online marketing

Are you a digital native who feels at home in the online world? Do you have a flair for design, and can you easily evaluate statistics on the success of your online marketing measures? If so, that's perfect: these are the ideal conditions for a job in online marketing.

You will also need the following qualities:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Ability to act strategically
  • Keen sense for target groups
  • Social media savvy 
  • Instinct for imagery and text
  • Technical knowledge
  • Campaign-driven approach
  • Team spirit
  • Confident communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Trend-focused and adaptable
  • Good with numbers
  • Thorough and focused attitude to work

Become an online marketing manager

The old saying 'let the cobbler stick to his last' (meaning 'stick to what you know') has definitely had its day. In other words, there are many routes into online marketing. How does it work? Here are some possibilities:


Many online marketing managers are degree holders. So what subject should you study? That's not easy to pin down. A German language speaker with strong communication skills would be welcome in the field of content marketing, for example. A media computer scientist with a profound understanding of the technical aspects of website structure would make a good SEO manager.

More and more (distance-learning) courses designed to prepare students for the role of online marketing manager are emerging. Not big on theory? Courses for management assistants in marketing communication can also open doors to the world of online marketing – but then the pay tends to be much lower.

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Starting a career

With jobs for working students and work placements available, you can be ideally placed to embark on a career as an online marketing manager. To fully prepare people for their future duties, many companies are offering traineeships with an emphasis on social media marketing or SEO.

To maximise learning during these placements, you should oversee not just one client, but as many different clients as possible – which is why joining an agency often makes more sense than joining a company directly (i.e. in-house). Provided you display commitment, there are good prospects of being promoted from trainee to a permanent position.


If you are already active in marketing or you are planning a career change, you can train as an online marketing manager. Sign up for a general course for beginners or join a course that shines a light on one specific aspect of online marketing, such as influencer marketing or Google Analytics. We have summarised a number of suppliers in an article devoted to education and training opportunities in online marketing.

Salaries in the field of online marketing

Online Marketing salary expectations

Munich or Berlin, large concern or agency, junior or senior position ... earnings in online marketing depend on several factors. That said, salaries in online marketing are generally between €32,357 and €62,313 according to Stepstone (2017). SEO managers can expect higher salaries of up to €75,000. By contrast, the lowest remuneration is for social media managers, who earn €37,600 on average.

Finding a job as an online marketing manager

If you specialise in certain areas of online marketing, you have a good chance of landing a job with a large concern. Then again, midmarket enterprises with smaller teams look to recruit online marketing managers as all-round experts.

Whichever path you choose, though – agency, midmarket company or major concern – we can find the right job in online marketing for you. Best of all, we actively support your application and offer prime positions with attractive employers. So what are you waiting for?