Dream job: Project manager – All you need to know about the job, salaries and vacancies

Do you work in a structured fashion? Can you keep your head even in difficult situations? Are you comfortable leading a large team? If so, a job as a project manager is right for you. Here you can learn about training opportunities and salaries, or browse our vacancies for a job that suits you.

Duties: Your role as a project manager

Project development
Project development
Define targets at the outset of the project, conduct a risk analysis and draw up a rough plan for the project.
Project planning
Project planning
In this phase, things get detailed. Who does what? What resources are available to you? All these questions must be clarified.
Oversee project controlling, coordinate your team and document project progress.
Ultimately, you lead the project to a positive conclusion, evaluating what went well and what you and your team could do better next time.
Project manager


As a project manager, certain qualities can be useful in your role:

  • Structured and conscientious approach to work
  • Good communicator
  • Initiative
  • Motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership qualities and a knack for staff management
  • Excellent command of English for working on international projects

Your path to becoming a project manager

Intrigued by the exciting field of project management, but unsure how to land a job in this area? While there is no single way to become a project manager, we can offer some tips for those hoping to train in the field.


In addition to the personal qualities you should possess, academic qualifications are essential. That said, project management jobs are no longer the exclusive preserve of business graduates. Quite the contrary, in fact: rising numbers of technically-oriented companies in such sectors as IT and engineering look for highly specialist project managers. By contrast, business graduates usually have the edge when competing for economic projects.

Whatever discipline you decide to study, you should aim to attend a couple of events on the theme of project management so that concepts like smart target definition and the SCRUM method are not alien to you when you graduate.

Internships and jobs for working students

Companies are also impressed by career entrants who have gained some experience of project management to back up the theoretical knowledge from their university course. You should therefore complete a work placement or find a working student job during holiday periods. We will be happy to help you find a suitable student job.


These days, many companies are offering traineeships in project management. As a trainee, you can gain valuable practical experience while receiving personal support and training. A traineeship lasting 1-2 years therefore offers an ideal introduction to the world of work, often with a fair chance of being taken on permanently afterwards.

Project management salaries: What you can earn

As is the case for most professions, salaries for project managers vary according to sector, qualifications and length of experience.

Alongside the fixed salary, many remuneration packages for project managers include a variable, performance-related component that makes up around 10% of the total salary.

Average: €60,000 – €100,000
Junior position (vocational experience of around 2 years): €37,000 – €43,000
Project manager (vocational experience of around 5 years): €48,000 – €70,000
Senior position (vocational experience of over 5 years): €52,000 – €88,000


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