General terms and conditions for DECK7 bookings

Amended: 14 July 2020


The booking site and the services that can be requested via the site are exclusively intended for persons aged 18 and over and entrepreneurs under the terms of article 14 subsection 1 of the Civil Code.

Use of the booking site and the services it offers by persons under the age of 18 and non-entrepreneurs is expressly prohibited. When making a booking request, you affirm and guarantee that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are either an entrepreneur under the terms of article 14 subsection 1 of the German Civil Code or acting on behalf of a business enterprise.

Please read these terms of service carefully as they contain important information on your rights and obligations. The services outlined in these terms and conditions are subject to the limitations and exclusions described therein. 

When making a booking or a booking request in relation to a meeting room on our booking site, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions defined therein. Avantgarde Talents GmbH of Birketweg 21, 80639 Munich (hereafter referred to as 'Avantgarde Experts', 'we', 'us or 'our'), with whom you become a party to the contract, reserves all rights as regards access to the booking site and its entire content and usage.


Please read our data protection regulations carefully also.


1. How the booking site works

The booking site may be used for booking enquiries in relation to premises and associated services, including (but not limited to) rooms, kitchens, offices or other properties and/or the furnishings thereof and immediate surroundings for commercial or other purposes. These rooms are included in the listings on the booking site. As a user of the booking site, you may view the listings or enquire about booking a room.


2. Information provided for the booking request

You consent to provide accurate, current and full information during the booking request process.


3. Bookings

When you make a booking request, Avantgarde Experts confirms receipt and summarises the main details of your enquiry. The booking enquiry does not constitute a binding offer on the part of Avantgarde Experts, but merely an invitation to submit an offer ('invitatio ad offerendum'). Within the period stated in the booking enquiry confirmation, Avantgarde Experts will check the availability of the requested room and contact the booking party. If the room is not available for the required period, Avantgarde Experts will endeavour to notify the booking party in due time.  If the requested room is available, Avantgarde Experts will email the booking party a quotation containing the essential terms of the booking ('essentialia negotii') within the period stated in the booking enquiry confirmation. The quotation will be pre-signed by Avantgarde Experts and must be signed and emailed back by the booking party (a scanned signature suffices) within the period specified in the quotation email. If the booking party does not comply with the aforementioned deadline, the room will no longer be reserved for the booking party. In this case, a new booking enquiry will be necessary.


4. General booking conditions, booking fees and payment terms

Unless otherwise stated in the corresponding quotation, the booking fees include all operating costs (electricity, heating and water).  The booking fees may include services that you expressly selected in the booking process, unless otherwise stated in the relevant quotation. The relevant quotation also specifies the exact booking period (whole day, i.e. usage from 9:00am–6:00pm including one hour for lunch, or half day, i.e. usage from 9:00am–2:00pm including one hour for lunch). The room booked may only be used for the agreed period; in the event of an overrun, additional charges will be levied pro rata. Alternative times can be agreed in individual cases and may involve additional costs. The booking party is obliged to return the room in the same clean and tidy condition in which it was handed over. In the event that you do not return the room in identical condition, you may incur additional fees for cleaning and/or restoration. The corresponding fees will be stated in a separate invoice. Avantgarde Experts offers no guarantee that these fees will be covered by insurance. Avantgarde Experts recommends that you document the condition of the room on arrival in case this is needed for a subsequent insurance claim. You are obliged to return all keys you receive. You are obliged to arrange insurance cover as necessary (e.g. for events). Some rooms require insurance against damage. You must take out such insurance where this is specified in the relevant quotation. We may require you to prove conclusively that you have taken out such insurance. Where we make such a demand and you fail to produce such proof, Avantgarde Experts may withhold the room and still require you to settle booking fees.  You are responsible for obtaining the authorisations required for your event (e.g. in relation to noise/alcohol) and for complying with all applicable legislation (and in particular noise protection laws).  You may not sublet the room unless Avantgarde Experts explicitly approves this in writing (whereby an email shall suffice).  Booking fees must be paid via bank transfer. At the end of the room rental period, the booking party receives a final invoice from Avantgarde Experts detailing all outstanding costs along with precise payment details (deadline for payment, account details, etc.). A different payment method (e.g. by credit card) may be possible subject to individual agreement.


5. Links

The booking site may contain links to web booking sites or third-party resources. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Avantgarde Experts is not responsible or liable for: (i) the availability or accuracy of such web booking sites/resources, and (ii) content, products or services contained on or available through such web booking sites or resources. Links to such web booking sites or resources do not imply endorsement by Avantgarde Experts of these sites or resources, or of the content, products or services available via such web booking sites or resources. You confirm your sole responsibility for the usage of such web booking sites or resources, and for the content, products or services offered by or available via these web booking sites or resources, and accept the risks associated with usage of the same.


6. Data storage and data privacy

Avantgarde Experts collects and stores the data required for the business processing of customer enquiries. Avantgarde Experts observes the legal regulations in the processing of personal data from clients and suppliers. For more information, refer to our separate data privacy policy.


7. Limitation of liability

The liability of Avantgarde Experts is limited as follows: Avantgarde Experts shall only be liable for damage where the reason for the damage is gross negligence or an intentional breach of obligations on the part of Avantgarde Experts or a legal representative or agent of Avantgarde Experts.  Avantgarde Experts shall also be liable for the negligent breach of fundamental obligations, non-compliance with which jeopardises fulfilment of the purpose of the contract, and for a breach of obligations whose fulfilment primarily facilitates proper performance of the contract, on fulfilment of which the customer routinely relies. Avantgarde Experts accepts no liability for the slightly negligent infringement of obligations other than those mentioned above.  The limitation of liability outlined above does not apply in the event of damage to life, limb or health, in the case of defects following acceptance of a guarantee for the quality of a product, or in the event of fraudulent concealment of defects. Liability in accordance with the Product Liability Act remains unaffected. 


8. Indemnity

You agree to exempt, protect and indemnify Avantgarde Experts from and against all claims, liabilities, damages, losses and costs where these arise from or are linked to non-compliance on your part with the terms of the contract entered into with Avantgarde Experts.  


9. Individual contracts

Individual contracts take precedence over these conditions. In all cases, the content of such individual contracts must be verified in writing by yourself and by Avantgarde Experts (an email shall suffice). 


10. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Usage of the booking site, contesting of validity, enforceability and contract termination are subject to German law and the jurisdiction of the Munich courts.  


11. Contacting Avantgarde Experts

If you have any questions on these terms and conditions, please contact Avantgarde Experts by emailing

vermietung(at)  or calling 089 540 2100.

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