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IT & TECH specialists for your success
IT & TECH specialists for your success

IT - AVANTGARDE Experts recruiting

Looking to establish an innovative, high-powered IT division or reinforce your team of developers for ambitious digitalisation projects? Whether you are a tech company, software producer or non-tech organisation, we are your recruitment partner when you need to fill demanding IT positions.

From permanent staff at your site in Germany and reinforcement for your teams around the world to temporary freelancers and experts, our IT specialists help you set new standards as you digitalise and transform your company. We support you by supplying suitable experts in the following disciplines:


Anna Lal: Avantgarde Experts Team Manager, IT

Anna Lal

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Spontaneity Find specialists at short notice

Experts  at all levels, from junior to CTO

FLEXIBILITY The right contract model for every situation

Know-how Our sectoral expertise means your success

CULTURAL FIT Candidates with the right personalities for you


Urgently seeking software specialists with a knowledge of methodology or developers with front end, back end, full stack or mobile app expertise for your projects? We pinpoint the right experts for your needs - from JavaScript developers and cloud engineers to senior Java engineers, data scientists, tech leads and CTOs.

Having perfected the direct approach to the passive candidate market nationally and internationally, our recruiters can motivate the right specialists to apply for permanent positions with your company. Our clients particularly value the quality of profiles as regards personal and professional attributes.

Software developers recruiting

IT consulting project management experts


Urgently looking for experienced consultants to address the interface between specialist departments and IT? Or perhaps you need freelance experts in agile IT project management to support the digitalisation of your company? 

Our highly qualified specialists - who include SAP consultants, business analysts and IT project managers - not only command a wide range of technologies, but also possess a wealth of expertise in business process management and business intelligence. A depth of technical knowledge and highly developed soft skills are the preconditions for an effective placement.

We are happy to provide you with focused manpower when structuring multidisciplinary teams and outsourced project units, or supply freelance experts, scrum masters and product owners to drive change across your corporate divisions. Thanks to our pool of over 150,000 experts, we can meet practically any requirements.

IT sales

Perhaps you offer solutions aimed at the digitalisation of business process, and need sales experts who fully understand the needs of your customers? Whether you are a national software supplier or an international tech company, we can fill your sales positions in the IT environment.

From SaaS sales executives to global heads of sales on permanent contracts, our highly specialised team can help you find ideal candidates with in-depth expertise in the software sector. We not only place people with the right skills, but also the right personality – for a perfect match right down the line. 

IT sales personnel recruiting

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IT placement requirements
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