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The benefits we offer put you ahead of your competition.

One step ahead

As your career partner, we not only support you throughout the application process and job/project placement; we also continue to assist you with all aspects of your long-term career progression.

At AVANTGARDE Experts, we consistently focus on providing personal advice to candidates and maintaining close contact with you. To ensure we find the job that best matches you and your plans, we meet you on equal terms and assign you a personal advisor.

The day-to-day goal of our employees is summed up in our company motto: creating careers. About us.

Career AVANTGARDE Experts

Your advantages and free services

Choose your dream job from over 700 exclusive job offers and projects, or send us a speculative application – and we will find the best possible job for you.

Thanks to the many exclusive commissions we receive from clients, our job portal contains offers you won't find on any conventional careers site.

Utilise a network that reaches into the HR and specialist departments of Germany's top employers, and take advantage of our contacts in higher management circles.

Thanks to the extensive expertise of our staff and our use of digital tools and modern HR software, we can assign you to exactly the right job or project.

Apply for specific jobs, regardless of location, and complete your application in a few clicks by uploading a CV.

Before, during and after the placement phase, an expert contact person will be there to advise you on all professional matters and questions concerning your career.

To prepare you for face-to-face interviews or visits to an assessment centre, we conduct detailed briefings and individual consultations with you.

We will scrutinise your application papers in detail and offer concrete help in optimising your resume.

To boost your professional progress, we stay in regular contact and support your personal and professional development over the long term.

As an employee, you benefit from regular get-togethers and after-work events - ideal opportunities to network and exchange information with other staff members.

Expand your knowledge and take advantage of numerous further education and training options according to your position.

Sounds great?
Let us match your skills to the requirements of our client companies - today! Take the next step in your career right now: by creating an applicant profile.

5 steps to your dream job

1. Apply
Inclusion in talent pool, with acknowledgement.
2. Analysis
Application screening and matching with client requirements.
3. Interview
Telephone interview or personal introduction
Job interview
4. Meeting
Briefing and face-to-face interview on the company premises.
5. Contract
Feedback, commitment and contract signing
Job search
Job search
Looking for your dream job?
Team up with us and take the reins of your career!

Take a look at our Job Portal today, and we’ll work together to find the ideal job for you!

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