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To assist with your reporting, AVANTGARDE Experts offers interesting and relevant information on current themes concerning the labour market. As an HR services provider, we address the needs of today's employees each day, balancing these with the requirements of employers in a fast-changing economic environment.

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We can offer insights of practical relevance in the following topics:

  • Recruitment trends
  • New work and the working environment of the future
  • Employer branding
  • Leadership
  • The demands of generations Y, Z and Alpha
  • Job satisfaction in Germany

Current studies from AVANTGARDE Experts
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Every year since 2016, we have conducted representative studies on various themes, including job satisfaction, digitalisation and marketing. Our latest long-term study, which is in three parts, is producing interesting findings in the areas of home office, remote working and work in the age of coronavirus. Click and explore: 

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Philipp Riedel, CEO AVANTGARDE Experts


“To develop genuine potential within their organisations, companies must finally say goodbye to rigid requirement profiles and start to value the individuality of people. In a working world that is becoming increasingly digitalised, it is personalities that make the difference.“

Having guided AVANTGARDE Experts for more than a decade, Philipp Riedel envisions a positive future for work.

Be inspired by a personal dialogue. 

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