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Are you looking for a fast and flexible solution to expand your workforce? If you want to cover peak workloads or strengthen your team without a high administrative burden, we -as a personnel service provider- offer a simple way of hiring external specialists or executives according to your preferences within the framework of temporary employment or employee leasing.

Whether in the areas of Engineering, Purchasing, Supply ChainDigital & MarketingFinance or HR, our pool of experts is here to support you with personnel exactly when needed.



Temporary employees are qualified specialists and executives who are employed by a temporary employment agency and use their expertise to benefit various client companies. These client companies require temporary additional staff for specific projects. Temporary employment is therefore a triangular relationship between three parties:

Contractual relationship in personnel leasing
Contractual relationship in temporary work - AVANTGARDE Experts

  • The temporary employee has a permanent position at AVANTGARDE Experts (= temporary employment agency).
  • The temporary employment agency leases its temporary employees to the client company for a limited period.
  • From a legal point of view, the temporary employment agency is the "lessor" and the client company is the "lessee".
  • The basis for the cooperation between the temporary employment agency and the client company is the temporary employment contract.
  • The remuneration and all other entitlements of the employee are handled by AVANTGARDE Experts. 


Temporary employment is a model that benefits companies in various ways. The advantages at a glance:

Companies can deploy their human resources with greater flexibility and more closely in line with their needs, as they can rely on qualified temporary workers as required. This allows them to react quickly to unforeseen situations, such as shortfalls due to illness or market changes.

Working with a temporary employment agency means you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming process for finding, selecting and hiring skilled workers and managers. Instead, we at AVANTGARDE Experts handle the entire recruitment process for you, so that you can concentrate fully on your business.

Temporary workers bring a fresh impetus and additional expertise to your company. This can be of particular benefit for specialised tasks or projects.

Companies can save costs by working with a temporary employment agency, as they only have to pay for the hours the temporary workers actually need to work. In addition, there are no costs for personnel recruitment, as these tasks are taken over by the personnel service provider.

Our temporary employment process


Do you need additional temporary staff? Then simply contact AVANTGARDE Experts and submit a personnel request.

In a personal consultation, we discuss your requirements and wishes to ensure we can offer tailor-made staffing support.


As soon as we know your requirements for our temporary employees in detail, we will immediately arrange for the deployment of suitable specialists and executives.

[Translate to English:] Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsvertrag - avantgarde experts
3. Temporary employment contract

Once we have found a suitable temporary employee for you, they will be temporarily leased to your company.

We conclude a temporary employment contract that defines all relevant details such as weekly hours, remuneration and duration of employment.


Starting immediately, our temporary employees now works for your company and is ready to contribute to its success with their skills and experience.

After the legal maximum period of 18 months, or earlier, you have the opportunity to retain them as an employee at your company over the long-term.

BENEFITS OF temporary employment

[Translate to English:] arbeitnehmerueberlassung - avantgarde experts
  • [Translate to English:] Erfahrene Expert:innen
    AVANTGARDE Experts has already successfully placed a variety of engineers at client companies in the mobility & tech sector.
  • [Translate to English:] Persönlicher Recruiting-Spezialist:in
    You are assigned a recruiting specialist who looks after you from the time of your request to the end of the temporary employee’s assignment.
  • [Translate to English:] rechtssicherheit - avantgarde experts
    You can rest assured that all our activities meet the requirements of the German Law on Temporary Employment (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz, AÜG). We work with an in-house lawyer to ensure compliance.
    If our experts have made a good impression, then you have the opportunity to take them on permanently. We support you in attracting qualified employees to your company over the long-term.
    Through temporary employment, we provide the industry with highly qualified technical experts.


Our specialisation in four subject areas enables us to perform a qualified needs analysis and guarantee the selection of suitable specialists and executives for your vacancies.


[Translate to English:] mobility automotive branche - avantgarde experts


Our temporary employment professionals have been actively shaping the mobility of the future at well-known client companies in the automotive and logistics sectors for years. Professions include development engineers, E/E architects, quality managers, supply chain managers, buyers and technical project managers.

As experts in their fields, they contribute to making vehicles safer, more environmentally friendly and more connected. Together they work to create future-oriented mobility that meets the needs of our constantly changing world.

[Translate to English:] technologie branche - avantgarde experts


It is no longer possible to imagine our working world without tech and IT specialists. They develop disruptive innovations in the economy and society and lay the foundation for a secure and stable infrastructure within companies.

Our specialists work successfully at our client companies, which include renowned US tech corporations and German tech SMEs, on innovative projects that contribute to a networked and digital working world. Professions include developers, UI/UX designers, cybersecurity experts, IT system administrators, IT sales experts and robotic automation experts.

[Translate to English:] media branche - avantgarde experts


Our external experts create multifaceted media for our client companies in the media and communications sector that transport viewers into a digital world full of captivating stories and visual experiences.

In film and media production and in communications, we have been placing a wide variety of specialists in major media outlets, agencies, gaming companies and streaming service providers for more than 10 years, including video editors, senior programme planners, digital sales managers and playout operators.

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If you need staff for a limited period to cover peak workloads or staff shortages, but still have questions about temporary employment and the benefits for your company, simply get in touch with us.

Tobias Irmler

TEMP Engineering Team Manager

Tel.: +49 89 264 847 318

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Temporary employment, also known as personnel leasing or contract work, is a form of employment in which a specialist is employed by a personnel service provider (temporary employment agency) and "leased" to a company.

In the case of temporary employment, an employee is leased from a temporary employment agency to another company in order to work there. The temporary worker is employed by the temporary employment agency and is leased to the client company for a limited period to cover a staff shortages or complete certain projects.

The client company pays a commission to the temporary employment agency for the work performed, from which the temporary worker is remunerated. The temporary worker works under the guidance and supervision of the client company.

The difference between temporary employment and direct recruitment is as follows:

  • In the case of direct recruitment, after having successfully been placed with a client company, the employee is permanently employed by that company.
  • In the case of temporary employment, however, the employee is employed directly by the temporary employment agency and receives their salary from it. The work performed by the temporary worker is provided on behalf of the temporary employment agency at various client companies.

First, you contact us to discuss your staffing needs and requirements. We then provide you with a selection of suitable specialists and executives.

As soon as we have concluded a temporary employment contract with you, the temporary worker can start work at your company. If you would like to take on the worker on a permanent basis, you can contact us at any time.

For companies, temporary employment offers flexibility in personnel planning. It enables them to react quickly to peak workloads or staff shortages, for example due to illness, without having to commit to taking on employees in the long-term.

In addition, companies can benefit from the knowledge and skills of qualified temporary workers provided by a temporary employment agency. The temporary employment agency is responsible for the personnel search, hiring and admin.

As a company, you must ensure that the temporary worker works under the same working conditions as your own employees and that they are paid appropriately.

You must also comply with certain legal rules and regulations to ensure the personnel leasing is legally compliant. This includes, for example, compliance with the German Law on Temporary Employment (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz — AÜG), which regulates the use of temporary workers.

In the case of temporary employment, an employee is loaned from a temporary employment agency to another company, while in the case of a contract for services, a company contracts another company to perform a specific service.

The difference is therefore that temporary employment involves the temporary worker working under the management and supervision of the client company, while a contract for services involves the commissioned company performing the service under its own responsibility.

In the case of temporary employment, an employee is loaned from a temporary employment agency to another company and works under its instruction. With freelancing, by comparison, the client specifies the work result but the freelancer works independently.

The difference is therefore that a temporary worker is bound by instructions, while a freelancer works independently.

At AVANTGARDE Experts, we specialise in providing specialists and executives on a temporary basis in the areas of Marketing & DigitalHR, FinanceEngineering, Purchasing and Logistics.

Yes, this is possible. After a certain period of temporary employment, you have the opportunity to take on the temporary worker permanently if you are convinced of their work performance.

The length of this period depends on legal requirements and may vary from case to case.

AVANTGARDE Experts provides temporary workers who are employed by us and are "leased" to your company to cover a temporary staff shortage. You pay only for the actual hours worked, so you can calculate the costs accurately.

We are responsible for wage and salary payments as well as all other obligations under labour law. You benefit from flexible workers without long-term retention and with reduced recruitment expenditure.

Temporary employment agencies such as AVANTGARDE Experts are important partners for companies faced by an increasingly tough competitive environment. However, the market is large and confusing. To identify trusted providers, you can ask questions such as:

  • Is the company established in the industry?
  • Do its contact persons appear professional and competent?
  • Is the remuneration of its temporary workers fairly regulated by collective agreements?
  • Is it a member of one of the major industry associations?
  • Does it have a works council?
  • Does it have a permit for temporary employment?
  • Does it have a suitable training programme for employees?
  • Does the temporary employment agency have a comprehensive range of services that go beyond the traditional temporary employment service?
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