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The Experts

Finding the right employee is like finding a new currency, someone to support your corporate performance and facilitate valuable developments. That's why Avantgarde Experts employees are not easy to find.

We have all kinds of academic and vocational backgrounds, and network these to exploit our potential to the full. Our promotional film provides a brief insight into our everyday routine.

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AVANTGARDE Experts Board of Directors

Fully authentic, with a difference:

These days, any self-respecting company has a promotional film. Given that AVANTGARDE Experts is no ordinary HR services provider, however, we didn't want to produce any old film. With this in mind, we engaged Munich-based production firm al Dente Entertainment GmbH to create 'Total authentisch', the mother of all recruiting films. Our promotional film with a difference offers a somewhat offbeat (and not entirely serious) glimpse behind the scenes at AVANTGARDE Experts – with tongue in cheek. 

Then and now

You might expect our company history to take the form of a timeline with images. Since we were a little camera-shy in the early days, we have summarised the key numbers for you in a short retrospective, with selected highlights of our corporate story.

Our Managing Director Philipp Riedel, who has been with AVANTGARDE Experts since day one, sums up our origins and where we stand today:

“Since our founding, development has been fantastic, with incredible levels of growth. Throughout, we have retained our own essential character, which I like to call 'agency-like' and unconventional. Taken together with our passion for innovation and our development of new approaches to recruiting, AVANTGARDE Experts really is something special. I am proud of our colleagues, candidates and clients, and happy to be part of such a great organisation!

Philipp Riedel - CEO


12/2007 – Munich: Green light for an AVANTGARDE Experts unit within AVANTGARDE Sales & Marketing Support GmbH
01/2013 – Number of employees working for clients exceeds 250 for the first time
01/2014 – Munich: Major relocation of Munich-based AVANTGARDE Experts team to the Renaissance Haus
11/2015 – Prize: Our promotional film 'Total authentisch' earns the Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis
05/2016 – Study: First publication of annual AVANTGARDE Experts study on the theme of job satisfaction.
01/2017 – Service portfolio: Expanding our skill set to include IT
12/2018 – Turnover: Annual sales touch on €90 million for the first time
01/2019 – Dubai: International dimension added with opening of the fifth AVANTGARDE Experts branch
03/2019 – Rebranding: AVANTGARDE Experts adopts a new corporate design
12/2019– Munich: Relocation to the modern new Kap West Office building
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