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As one of Germany's leading recruitment agencies for specialist professionals and management positions, we can assist you in filling your vacant positions easily, whether that's in the fields of IT, sales or controlling. AVANTGARDE Experts takes care of the entire recruitment process so that you can quickly find suitable employees for your team who are specifically qualified for the roles.

We recruit staff on a permanent, temporary or freelance basis for short-term projects.

Our recruitment agency specialises in the following areas when looking for professionals and managers:


Fast, flexible and easy

We combine personal and individual advice with the latest digital recruitment processes so that you enjoy the best possible experience. This also means we can meet your peak demands at short notice.


Recruiting suitable managers

Are you looking for managers for particular management roles? We can support you by tailoring the search for experienced managers who are suitable for leading positions. You can benefit from our large network as a recruitment agency.


Less time and effort spent on recruitment

If you commission us to take over your recruitment, you can save yourself the time and effort involved in this otherwise expensive process. We will only put forward candidates who are appropriate for your company and the position you are advertising.

Expertise that moves with the times

Modern-day roles and the demands of generations Y, Z and Alpha call for flexible working time models. Benefit from our expertise in filling full-time, part-time and project-based vacancies. Need some insights? Visit our job and project portal.


Experts on every level

As an experienced recruitment agency, we can provide you with candidates with academic backgrounds and different levels of experience. From working students to senior professionals — AVANTGARDE Experts meets your personnel requirements. We have a large pool of applicants containing more than 150,000 candidates.

Would you like our recruitment agency to help you fill your job vacancies?

Contact us and we will find the right employees for your company.

Recruiting contract types



Our working world is becoming more agile as it continues to transform. Thanks to our varied contract models, you are ideally prepared for the change: your staffing plans stay flexible, and you can respond proactively to any changes. Full legal compliance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and transparency come as standard. See for yourself - and take advantage of processes certified to ISO 9001.

AVANTGARDE Experts' Permanent Placement service (or "Perm" for short) places qualified personnel directly in a company.

We can handle the entire process of recruiting specialists, professionals and managers for permanent positions — from creating the job advertisement to organising interviews. This leaves you with more time for the most important thing: selecting the perfect candidate. The employment contract is concluded directly between you and the selected applicant.

The adventages of Permanent Placement

  • Quality: Access to highly qualified experts
  • Stay productive: Fill your vacancies fast
  • Reach: Approach top candidates who are not actively looking for a job
  • Security: Performance-based remuneration
  • Flexibility: Fast response options
  • Time saving: Pre-selection in line with jointly defined criteria

With the contractual model for temporary employment, we also take care of all the personnel administration for your chosen specialist after the application process.

The candidate joins your company, you retain full managerial authority, but we take care of all the administrative details. This allows you to focus on your core business.

The advantages of temporary employment

  • Cost reduction: You only pay for hours actually worked
  • Legal compliance: Transparent contracts, plus protection against fictitious self-employment, recruitment lawsuits, etc.
  • Stay productive: Fast replacement of lost capacity
  • Flexibility: Fast response options with no internal contracts
  • Quality: Access to highly qualified specialists
  • Control: You retain managerial authority over the employee

If you need experienced professionals or interim managers for short-term roles, you will have access to AVANTGARDE Experts' large pool of freelancers at all times. You can quickly and easily find the right freelance expert for temporary projects as well as temporary vacancies.

The benefits of freelancer recruitment for you

  • Quick to act: We will help you deal quickly with peaks in demand
  • Flexibility: Temporary professionals without internal employment contracts
  • Legal security: Audited contracts to protect against ostensible self-employment, employment lawsuits etc.
  • Efficiency: Quick access to a rich pool of specialists (you will receive the initial profiles of suitable applicants within 48 hours)
  • Network: From junior specialists to experienced project managers
  • Quality: Highly specialized external expertise helps you implement your projects

With our proven workbench model, AVANTGARDE Experts offers you the opportunity to obtain complete project teams for your projects in the IT, engineering, marketing or finance sectors. We place particular emphasis on selecting the right experts to meet your project requirements. Our pool comprises more than 185,000 highly qualified specialists. The best fact about it is that you do not incur any entrepreneurial risk, because the employees are directly employed or contracted through us.

Your advantages with a service contract / workbench:

  • Know-How: Our experienced consultants are on hand to provide you with strategic and technical advice in order to put together the perfect project team for your needs.
  • Flexibility in the project: You do not have to worry about internal overhead or the creation of new positions. We flexibly adapt to your requirements.
  • No additional administrative HR work - from staff management to payment, we take care of all administrative tasks so you can concentrate on your project.
  • Security: Since all employees are employed by us, you bear no entrepreneurial risk. The legal and financial aspects are in the best hands.
  • Quality: You gain access to highly qualified specialists who will take your project to the next level.

The recruitment process

1. Analysis

Our specialists personally consult with you to compile a search profile tailored to your precise needs.

2. Search

We target your job advertisement at specific target groups. We can also contact high potentials directly.

3. Select

We present you with an initial selection of suitable candidates. You decide which applicant you want to interview.

4. Introduction

Whether you arrange a personal meeting or a telephone / video interview, we can coordinate and conduct the discussions – or you can do so if you prefer.

5. Ongoing

Have you decided? Great! We will continue to support you to ensure a successful working relationship with your new employee.



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Data protection

Questions about recruiting through AVANTGARDE Experts

Using our Permanent Placement scheme to hire permanent employees for your company will save you considerable time and money. That's because we support you throughout the entire recruitment process. We research suitable candidates and present you with an initial selection of the most promising applicants.

If you so choose, we can also organise interviews and will be there to provide you with advice even after the employment contract has been concluded.

Professionals and managers are recruited as follows: We begin by analysing your requirements and create a search profile based on this information. We then contact potential candidates via various channels (including actively searching in our large applicant pool), publish job ads and check whether there is a match between an applicant's skills and the search profile we created.

Finally, we present you with the profiles of suitable applicants and you then select the candidates who you would like to interview to get to know better.

We provide recruitment services across Germany. Our recruitment consultants look for suitable applicants in major cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Cologne, as well as numerous other cities in Germany.

Direct recruitment involves a HR services provider, recruiter or headhunter recruiting suitable applicants to be permanently employed at the company. Temporary employment differs in that the candidate is given permanent employment by the HR services provider, who then places the employee in temporary positions in different companies.

Companies that hire a recruitment agency pay a commission per employee placed. The exact terms and conditions will be set out in a contract. In return, the company saves the money it would otherwise spend on its own recruitment process.

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