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Innovative HR services to ensure your success
Innovative HR services to ensure your success

You search. We find.

As one of Germany's leading recruitment agencies, we fill positions in modern roles so that your company is fit to face the future. We are setting the standard for tomorrow's recruitment in our four key fields of marketing and digital, IT, industry and administration. Access our specialist pool of over 150,000 candidates today!

Your advantages

Experts at every level

We can offer you candidates with academic backgrounds and varying levels of experience. From working students to senior professionals, AVANTGARDE Experts covers your personnel needs.


Expertise that moves with the times

Modern-day roles and the demands of generations Y, Z and Alpha call for flexible working time models. Benefit from our expertise in filling full-time, part-time and project-based vacancies. Need some insights? Visit our job and project portal (in German only).


Fast, flexible and easy

We combine personal and individual advice with the latest digital recruitment processes so that you enjoy the best possible experience. This also means we can meet your peak demands at short notice.


it's a match

Matching applicants to ideal clients is what we do best. With an in-depth understanding of your sector and a wealth of recruitment expertise, we pinpoint the ideal specialists to fill your vacancies. Learn more about our recruitment service for the fields of marketing and digital, IT, industry and administration.

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Recruiting contract types



Our working world is becoming more agile as it continues to transform. Thanks to our varied contract models, you are ideally prepared for the change: your staffing plans stay flexible, and you can respond proactively to any changes. Full legal compliance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and transparency come as standard. See for yourself - and take advantage of processes certified to ISO 9001.

In the case of direct placements, AVANTGARDE Experts oversees the entire recruiting process for permanently employed specialists, skilled professionals and managerial staff – from initial job ad to the coordination of interview appointments. This leaves you free to concentrate on what matters: choosing the right candidates. The employment contract is concluded between you and the applicant.

The adventages of direct placement

  • Quality: Access to highly qualified experts
  • Stay productive: Fill your vacancies fast
  • Reach: Approach top candidates who are not actively looking for a job
  • Security: Performance-based remuneration
  • Flexibility: Fast response options
  • Time saving: Pre-selection in line with jointly defined criteria

Under the contract staffing model, we continue to perform personnel administration tasks in relation to your chosen specialist even after the application process. The candidate is integrated into your company and you have full managerial authority, but we handle the administrative side - so you are free to concentrate fully on your core business.

The advantages of contract staffing

  • Cost reduction: You only pay for hours actually worked
  • Legal compliance: Transparent contracts, plus protection against fictitious self-employment, recruitment lawsuits, etc.
  • Stay productive: Fast replacement of lost capacity
  • Flexibility: Fast response options with no internal contracts
  • Quality: Access to highly qualified specialists
  • Control: You retain managerial authority over the employee

For the short-term employment of experienced professionals or interim managers, you can always rely on AVANTGARDE Experts to provide access to a large pool of freelancers. Whether you need someone for a temporary project or a temporary vacancy, we will find the right freelance experts for you in a quick and straightforward process.

The advantages of freelancer placement

  • Capacity to act: Meet peak demand levels without delay
  • Flexibility: Experts for limited periods, with no internal employment contracts
  • Legal compliance: Verified contracts to guard against fictitious self-employment, recruitment lawsuits, etc.
  • Efficiency: Quick access to an abundant pool of specialists
  • Network: From junior specialists to seasoned project managers
  • Quality: Effective realisation of your projects through highly specialised external expertise

The recruiting process

1. Analysis
Our specialists personally consult with you to compile a search profile tailored to your precise needs.
2. Search
We target your job advertisement at specific target groups. We can also contact high potentials directly.
3. Select
We present you with an initial selection of suitable candidates. You decide which applicant you want to interview.
4. Introduction
Whether you arrange a personal meeting or a telephone / video interview, we can coordinate and conduct the discussions - or you can do so if you prefer.
5. Ongoing
Have you decided? Great! We will continue to support you to ensure a successful working relationship with your new employee.
AVANTGARDE Experts recruiting
AVANTGARDE Experts recruiting
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