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Suffering from a staff shortage in your company and need flexible assistance from a freelancer? Looking to launch a project over a set time scale and want to bring external expertise into your company?

Then getting help from freelance professionals is the ideal solution for you. 

We search the whole of Germany to find freelancers who meet your needs and budget, and who are capable of realising innovative projects in IT, marketing, industry and administration. We will send you your first expert profiles within 48 hours of your request.

We strive to find the PERFECT MATCH between freelancers and companies — both professionally and personally!

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Whether you are an ambitious start-up, an established company or a creative agency - we have the solution for your individual requirements. We connect you with highly qualified freelancers in various specialisations - from Tech & Mobility to Industry, Finance to Marketing and much more.

Our freelancers can help you in these specialist areas

We match our clients with freelance professionals who have highly specialised expertise in these four specialist areas:



Freelancers work on a project-by-project basis with contracts for the predefined duration of the project, without being tied to fixed locations and times. The advantage for your company: You benefit from maximum flexibility in your everyday work and you can choose the period and scope of the job freely.

We bring highly specialised self-employed individuals and companies together in a service contract (contracting).

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Contracting - AVANTGARDE Experts


Contracting is a three-party relationship between the freelancer, the recruitment agency and the company (see image below). As a recruitment agency, we conclude a service contract with the freelancer and then sell their services to the client company. The company likewise enters into a service contract with us.

You not only save yourself the time-consuming search for freelancers that you get with standard job portals, but you also avoid the legal pitfalls that come with using independent contractors, such as false self-employment.

How freelance professionals can strengthen your business

Specialised knowledge

Freelancers provide the necessary expertise and a wealth of experience gained from various different projects. This makes them perfectly placed to help with projects requiring specific expertise that your permanent staff may not have.

High flexibility

Experienced freelancers can get to grips with new tasks quickly and can be used flexibly — in terms of both space and time. They need very little onboarding and they are quick to deliver results.

New ideas

Freelance professionals will bring a fresh set of eyes to your company and invigorate your project with completely new approaches.

Reduced risk

Freelancers will only charge the agreed fee and there are no fixed costs for you, meaning you always have full financial control — even if your budget is limited.

Take the hassle out of finding freelancers for your project work

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    We help our clients in marketing, digital, IT and finance by offering highly qualified and experienced experts who will make sure your project is a success.
  • [Translate to English:] Referenzgeprüfte Freelancer:innen-Profile
    Targeted precision
    We send you the profiles of freelancers in our trusted network who meet your needs perfectly and have been verified through references.
  • [Translate to English:] Persönlicher Recruiting-Spezialist:in
    Personalised service
    You will be assigned a personal recruitment specialist who will take your requirements into account throughout the recruitment process, offering tailored support from the enquiry stage through to the end of the project.
  • [Translate to English:] Schnelligkeit
    Within 48 hours, you will receive your first set of specially selected expert profiles, from which you can select the right freelancer for you.
  • [Translate to English:] rechtssicherheit - avantgarde experts
    Legal security
    Our account managers have many years of expertise in providing legal advice. As a freelancer recruitment agency, we not only help you with the full selection process, but also take care of the contractual side for you.

Looking for a freelancer?
This is how we place your project

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1. Analysis

During a personal consultation with you, our specialists create a detailed search profile tailored to your requirements.

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2. Search

We place your job ad with specific target groups in mind and actively make direct contact with high-potential matches.

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3. Selection

We present you with a pre-selection of the most suitable candidates. You decide which candidates you would like to interview.

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4. Discussion

It's up to you whether you coordinate and carry out interviews yourself or have us do this for you — whether in person, over the phone or in a video call.

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5. Ongoing support

Decided on the perfect freelancer? Great! We remain at your disposal to help ensure that collaborating with your new contractor goes smoothly.

Freelancers and contracting — your contact person

If you have any questions about our freelancer searching process or how we find the perfect contractor for your marketing, industry, administration or IT work, simply contact us:  

Daniel Frauenrath - Avantgarde Experts


Daniel Frauenrath

Phone: +49 89 540 210 154

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FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about looking for freelancers

We draw on our large network of freelancers in IT, marketing, industry and administration, which is regularly maintained and expanded by our recruiters. This means we can quickly source the exact expertise your company needs for a particular project. We can find suitable, highly qualified freelancers in next to no time, often forwarding you the first profiles within 48 hours of you submitting your request.

Yes, working with freelancers is particularly worthwhile for companies that work on a project-by-project basis. This is because:

  1. Freelancers enable you to meet your need for skilled workers quickly and easily, even a short notice. You don't have to go through a lengthy recruitment process.
  2. They have a wealth of experience in different projects and bring the latest knowledge to your company.
  3. Freelancers reduces the financial risk for your company. In contrast to permanent employees, you only pay for what the freelancer actually does.

The cost of hiring a freelancer may initially seem high if you look at their hourly rates in isolation. These depend on the freelancer's level of expertise and the industry in which they work. The more experience they have, the higher their hourly rate.

In contrast to permanent employees, you are only charged for the work they perform — you don't have to pay any non-wage labour costs or anything for their recruitment.

AVANTGARDE Experts enters into a service contract with the freelancer and your company as part of the contracting process. The freelancer provides the commissioned service directly to the client (i.e. you) and is paid by us.

A service contract is different from a work contract in that a service contract calls for a specific service to be completed, whereas a work contract does not define the service, but rather the production of a specific type of "work".

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