AVANTGARDE Experts - Personalvermittlung trifft Nachhaltigkeit
AVANTGARDE Experts – Working together for the good of tomorrow




At AVANTGARDE Experts, sustainability is so much more than a mere word. As a leading HR service provider, we make a real difference by offering candidates future-proof jobs in the tech and digital sectors and by taking concrete steps to make our society and environment more sustainable.

To our minds, active sustainability management also means taking on responsibility for our customers and candidates. Our services are already carbon neutral, and we ensure that our business relationships remain sustainable even in the face of increasing legal requirements. It is also very important to us as an HR service provider that new business partners and companies we chose to work with share our sustainability values.

This way, we can make a real contribution to sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work. We see sustainability not as a goal, but as a process and a long-term project. And it’s a project we’re passionate about.





If we want to halt global warming and protect the environment, it can’t just be business as usual.
At AVANTGARDE Experts, we’ve come up with lots of ideas and ways to do more for the planet
, thus helping us live up to our responsibility as a sustainable HR service provider.

AVANTGARDE Experts - Klimaschutz - Ökostrom
Green Electricity

Since 2019, our offices have been supplied exclusively with clean electricity from renewable sources (across all sites in Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Cologne).

AVANTGARDE Experts - Unsere gesellschaftliche Verantwortung: Ökostrom in allen Offices
Mobility Concept

Whether heading to the office or to see a client, many of our employees cycle or take public transport to work. We stopped purchasing company vehicles with an internal combustion engine over two years ago. Flights within Germany are only permitted in exceptional circumstances and are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the sustainable management department..

AVANTGARDE Experts - Klimaschutz - Recycling - Mülltrennung
Waste Sorting & Recycling

Together, we can make a difference: we all separate our paper, plastic and waste, which are then recycled.

AVANTGARDE Experts - Klimaschutz - Paperless Office Bestreben
Paperless Office

Less paper, less waste: our commitment to the environment isn’t limited to printing. In 2021, we cut our paper waste by 50% compared with previous years. When we need to print, we use printers with a fine dust filter and environmentally friendly wax cartridges.

SOcial AnD ethical Responsibility because helping others should be part of every business

As an recruitment specialist with sustainable values, it’s part of our job to go the extra mile. By doing more, we can make more of a difference to people’s lives. That’s why we’ve made a variety of commitments to live up to our social and ethical responsibilities.

AVANTGARDE Experts - Soziale Verantwortung - Social Engagement Day
Values week and social engagement day

During “Wertewoche” (Values Week), we focus on our core values, with keynote presentations and workshops on different aspects of life. Social Engagement Day sees all employees volunteering for a social cause.

AVANTGARDE Experts - Soziale Verantwortung - Geschenk mit Herz
Giving with love

We’ve been supporting the “Geschenk mit Herz” (Gift from the heart) project since 2016. As part of this project, we send 70 to 100 Christmas parcels each year to children in need in over 150 countries.

AVANTGARDE Experts - Soziale Verantwortung - Münchner Waisenhaus
Münchner Waisenhaus

In addition to providing financial support to the Münchner Waisenhaus (Munich orphanage), we run exciting workshops centred on applying for jobs and starting a career. 

AVANTGARDE Experts - Soziale Verantwortung - Engagement für Bedürftige
Making a difference for people in need

We want to help people who don’t have it as good as we do. That’s why we get involved in projects such as those that help refugees and victims of natural disasters. We’ve put in place personal Engagement Days to enable our employees to spend time volunteering for social and environmental causes.

AVANTGARDE Experts - Soziale Verantwortung - Ideenmanagement
Ideas Management

Our employees can place their full trust in us: as a company, we actively encourage innovation and getting our staff involved in important decisions.



We’ve already done so much. But we’re keen to do even more to help make the world a greener and fairer place.


… reducing and offsetting carbon emissions generated by our website and interfaces.
… switching to fully organic and sustainable options when we need to purchase consumer goods such as soap, coffee and packaging materials.
… updating the infrastructure in and around our offices to provide battery charging points for our fleet of alternative fuel vehicles.n.
… doing more to raise awareness of sustainable living through talks and workshops by employees wishing to share their knowledge and experience.
… ensuring old electronic devices such as laptops are prepared for reuse and brought to second-hand shops instead of arranging their disposal.
… putting in place lots of suggestions from our ideas management team – a truly fantastic bunch of people. Because we’re not done yet!
AVANTGARDE Experts - Carolin Schemer

Sustainability is no longer just about being carbon neutral and ensuring fair working conditions. Rather, it means that companies should set an example and raise awareness of the topic among their employees. That’s why we’ve taken a holistic approach to sustainability – a concept that drives all aspects of our day-to-day work as an HR service provider. At AVANTGARDE Experts, we believe that this transformation offers opportunities and are convinced that it is not about sacrifices but, rather, about finding new ways to do things and driving solutions.

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FAQ: Sustainability & Environment - Let's talk about CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR for short) describes the responsibility a company has for its environmental and social impacts. It includes all environmental, social and economic aspects of a business, such as environmental protection, climate action, judicious use of natural resources, social commitments and an employee-centric culture.

CSR is a voluntary commitment that goes beyond legal requirements, offering our company the opportunity to do more for the environment and society than is required by law. In taking on this commitment, we are pursuing further social goals and setting important standards for sustainability in the area of human resources. This is our way of making social responsibility a priority.

To us, doing business in a sustainable way means using raw materials and other natural resources in a way that respects the environment and future generations. Their potential for development should not be lessened by what we do in our business as an HR services provider.

Companies like AVANTGARDE Experts take on social and environmental responsibility in a number of areas: 

  • Measures to protect the environment and the planet (making efficient use of energy and resources, using renewable energies, active environmental management, etc.)
  • Employee-centric policies (work/life balance, flexible working hours, diversity, equality, inclusion, etc.) 
  • Commitments to greater social equality and ensuring integration and participation of disadvantaged groups
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